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The Genius by Theodore Dreiser

2024년 05월 13일 출간

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<영어로 읽는 고전 _ 시어도어 드라이저의 천재>
"천재"는 1915년에 처음 출판된 테오도르 드라이저(Theodore Dreiser)의 소설이다. 이 소설은 빈곤, 사회적 기대, 내면의 악마와 싸우면서 세상에서 자신의 자리를 찾기 위해 고군분투하는 재능 있는 예술가 유진 위틀라(Eugene Witla)의 이야기를 담고 있다.
19세기 말과 20세기 초 미국을 배경으로 한 이 소설은 중서부에서의 소박한 시작부터 뉴욕시의 활기 넘치는 예술계에서 성공적인 예술가로 자리매김하려는 시도까지 유진의 여정을 다루고 있다. 그 과정에서 유진은 사랑과 관계의 복잡성, 예술적 우수성 추구, 삶의 가혹한 현실과 씨름하기도 한다.
"The Genius"는 종종 Dreiser의 가장 자서전적인 작품 중 하나로 간주되며, 고군분투하는 작가이자 예술가로서의 자신의 경험이 바탕이 되었다. 소설은 예술적 천재의 본질, 예술적 야망과 사회적 규범의 충돌, 경쟁이 치열한 세상에서 성공의 대가와 같은 주제를 이야기하고 있다.

<Classics to read in English_ The Genius by Theodore Dreiser >
"Genius" is a novel by Theodore Dreiser, first published in 1915. The novel tells the story of Eugene Witla, a talented artist struggling to find his place in the world while battling poverty, social expectations, and inner demons.
Set in late 19th and early 20th century America, the novel follows Eugene's journey from his humble beginnings in the Midwest to his attempts to establish himself as a successful artist in New York City's vibrant art scene. Along the way, Eugene wrestles with the complexities of love and relationships, the pursuit of artistic excellence, and the harsh realities of life.
"The Genius" is often considered one of Dreiser's most autobiographical works, and was based on his own experiences as a struggling writer and artist. The novel addresses topics such as the nature of artistic genius, the clash between artistic ambition and social norms, and the price of success in a highly competitive world.
CHAPTER I. This story has its beginnings in the town of Alexandria
CHAPTER II. Some of the incidents of this courtship
CHAPTER III. Eugene grew more and more moody
CHAPTER IV. The city of Chicago_who shall portray it
CHAPTER V. For the time being this encounter stirred to
CHAPTER VI. Eugene collected and reported faithfully every day
CHAPTER VII. It was after he had decided to enter the art class
CHAPTER VIII. The rest of that evening Eugene spent not exactly with
CHAPTER IX. The succeeding days in the art school
CHAPTER X. Ruby Kenny was the adopted child of an old Irish
CHAPTER XI. A little while before
CHAPTER XII. From drawing from the nude
CHAPTER XIII. In two weeks Angela came back
CHAPTER XIV. Once this idea of New York was fixed in his mind
CHAPTER XV. Not knowing routes or directions in New York,
CHAPTER XVI. The art world of New York is peculiar
CHAPTER XVII. This one significant sale with its subsequent
CHAPTER XVIII. Toward noon old Jotham Blue came in from a cornfield
CHAPTER XIX. It would be hard to say in what respect
CHAPTER XX. Eugene carried home with him not only a curiously
CHAPTER XXI. But Miriam Finch's family
CHAPTER XXII. The chief trouble with his present situation
CHAPTER XXIII. Towards the end of spring Eugene concluded
CHAPTER XXIV. The days spent in the mountains were seventeen exactly
CHAPTER XXV. It is a rather dreary thing to come back into
CHAPTER XXVI. The beautiful June weather arrived
CHAPTER XXVII. The atmosphere of the house after this night seemed charged with
CHAPTER XXVIII. The studio of Messrs. Smite

CHAPTER I. The marriage ceremony between Eugene and Angela
CHAPTER II. After the quiet of a small town
CHAPTER III. Whatever were Eugene's secret thoughts
CHAPTER IV. The result of Angela's outburst was that
CHAPTER V. The hope of fame—what hours of speculation
CHAPTER VI. It was some little time before M. Charles
CHAPTER VII. The exhibition which followed in April
CHAPTER VIII. Paris now loomed bright in Eugene's imagination
CHAPTER IX. The summer passed
CHAPTER X. It was the beginning of a period destined to last
CHAPTER XI. It was in packing the trunks and leaving the studio
CHAPTER XII. Spring, summer and fall came and went
CHAPTER XIII. If it had not been for the lurking hope of some fresh
CHAPTER XIV. The opportunity for further meetings seemed to
CHAPTER XV. The weakness of Eugene was
CHAPTER XVI. Eugene was reaching the point where he had
CHAPTER XVII. From Biloxi, because of the approach of summer
CHAPTER XVIII. The next thing was to see what could be done
CHAPTER XIX. This idea of appealing to the president
CHAPTER XX. The matter of securing admission to this house
CHAPTER XXI. There were many days now
CHAPTER XXII. It was while he was mooning along in this mood
CHAPTER XXIII. The form of Carlotta Wilson was perfect
CHAPTER XXIV. Days like this could not go on forever
CHAPTER XXV. The sequel of this scene was not to be waited for
CHAPTER XXVI. The situation which here presented itself was subject to
CHAPTER XXVII. Angela was quick to act upon her thought
CHAPTER XXVIII. The hells of love are bitter and complete
CHAPTER XXIX. Eugene's feelings on this occasion were
CHAPTER XXX. It was only after a considerable lapse of time
CHAPTER XXXI. The work which Eugene undertook in connection with
CHAPTER XXXII. The Summerfield Advertising Agency
CHAPTER XXXIII. When Eugene called, Mr. Daniel C. Summerfield
CHAPTER XXXIV. The designs or suggestions which Eugene offered
CHAPTER XXXV. Still time went by
CHAPTER XXXVI. There came a time, however
CHAPTER XXXVII. The best positions are not always free from
CHAPTER XXXVIII. It was in the fall of the third year
CHAPTER XXXIX. The results of this evening were most pleasant
CHAPTER XL. The upshot of Eugene's final speculation
CHAPTER XLI. The opening days of this their second return to
CHAPTER XLII. The affairs of the United Magazines Corporation
CHAPTER XLIII. The trouble with this situation
CHAPTER XLIV. It was in the course of his final upward progress

CHAPTER I. It was when Eugene was at the height
CHAPTER II. While these various events were occurring
CHAPTER III. The matter was not difficult to arrange
CHAPTER IV. It had been while he was first perfecting
CHAPTER V. It was after this meeting that vague consciousness
CHAPTER VI. This burst of emotion with its tentative understanding
CHAPTER VII. It would be impossible to describe even in so detailed
CHAPTER VIII. Having involved himself thus far
CHAPTER IX. There followed now a series of meetings
CHAPTER X. The introduction of this astonishing fact
CHAPTER XI. This night passed without additional scenes
CHAPTER XII. After dining joyously
CHAPTER XIII. Eugene and Angela had been quarreling
CHAPTER XIV. For hours that night, until one
CHAPTER XV. The fire and pathos of Mrs. Dale's appeal
CHAPTER XVI. Mrs. Dale's next step in this struggle
CHAPTER XVII. It was a Montreal, Ottawa and Quebec express
CHAPTER XVIII. The Cathcart Lodge, a long, two-story affair
CHAPTER XIX. It was three days later when he was at his office
CHAPTER XX. The flaw in this situation was that Eugene
CHAPTER XXI. The next day, after wavering
CHAPTER XXII. One would have thought that this terrific blow
CHAPTER XXIII. During the weeks which followed Colfax's talk
CHAPTER XXIV. To those who have followed a routine or system
CHAPTER XXV. Those who have ever tried to read
CHAPTER XXVI. The most dangerous thing to possess a man
CHAPTER XXVII. It was while he was in this state
CHAPTER XXVIII. The trouble with Angela's system
CHAPTER XXIX. The dénouement of all this, as much as ever could be
L'ENVOI. There appears to be in metaphysics a basis

"Eugene Witla, wilt thou have this woman to thy wedded wife, to live together after God's ordinance in the holy estate of matrimony? Wilt thou love her, comfort her, honour her, and keep her in sickness and in health; and forsaking all others, keep thee only unto her, so long as ye both shall live?"
"I will."

This story has its beginnings in the town of Alexandria, Illinois, between 1884 and 1889, at the time when the place had a population of somewhere near ten thousand. There was about it just enough of the air of a city to relieve it of the sense of rural life. It had one street-car line, a theatre,—or rather, an opera house, so-called (why no one might say, for no opera was ever performed there)—two railroads, with their stations, and a business district, composed of four brisk sides to a public square. In the square were the county court-house and four newspapers. These two morning and two evening papers made the population fairly aware of the fact that life was full of issues, local and national, and that there were many interesting and varied things to do. On the edge of town, several lakes and a pretty stream—perhaps Alexandria's most pleasant feature—gave it an atmosphere not unakin to that of a moderate-priced summer resort. Architecturally the town was not new.

고전을 읽는 다는 것은 우리 보다 앞선 세대를 살아간 위인과 작가들과 교제를 하는 것이다. 우리 보다 훌륭한 삶을 살다 간 사람들을 만나고 교제하는 시간이고 공간이다. 이를 통해 당대의 삶, 사회, 역사. 사상, 철학 등을 만날 수 있고 그것을 기반으로 우리는 삶, 일, 인간, 세상, 우주에 대해 교훈을 얻고 그들보다 더 나은 인간이 될 수 있는 기회를 가지는 것이다.

이 책은 미국 소설가인 시어도어 드라이저(Theodore Dreiser)의 작품으로 오늘날에도 중요한 메시지를 주는 고전을 메타버스 시대에 맞추어 전자책으로 새롭게 출판을 하는 것은, 누구나 어디서, 편리하게 스마트폰이나 테블릿 등 디지털 기기로 읽을 수 있도록 하기 위해서다.

고전 작품을 원서로 구매해 읽기는 원하는 독자들이 있다. 하지만 원서를 구입하는데 시간이 많이 소요되고 비용도 꽤 든다. 독자들의 이러한 문제를 해결하고 원할 때 쉽게 빨리 구매해 언제 어디서나 읽을 수 있도록 전자책으로 출판하였다.

Reading classics means interacting with great people and writers who lived in generations before us. It is a time and space to meet and socialize with people who have lived better lives than us. Through this, contemporary life, society, and history. We can encounter ideas, philosophies, etc., and based on that, we have the opportunity to learn lessons about life, work, people, the world, and the universe and become better people than them.

This book is a work by American novelist Theodore Dreiser, and it is a classic that still carries an important message today. It is being published as an e-book in line with the metaverse era, making it accessible to anyone, anywhere, conveniently, such as on a smartphone or tablet. This is so that it can be read on digital devices.

There are readers who want to purchase and read classic works in their original form. However, purchasing an application takes a lot of time and costs quite a bit. To solve this problem for readers, we published it as an e-book so that readers can easily purchase it quickly and read it anytime, anywhere.


Theodore Dreiser는 미국의 소설가이자 언론인으로, 미국 생활과 사회의 어두운 측면을 탐구한 작품으로 유명하다. 1871년 8월 27일 인디애나주 테르호트에서 태어난 드라이저는 가난한 가정에서 자랐고, 그의 경험은 그의 글에 깊은 영향을 미쳤다.
Dreiser의 가장 유명한 소설 중 하나는 "캐리 자매"(1900)로, 시카고로 이주한 젊은 여성이 성공을 위해 노력하면서 일련의 관계에 참여하게 되는 이야기를 담고 있다. 이 소설은 미국 문학의 고전으로 여겨지며 도시 생활과 인간의 욕망을 자연주의적으로 묘사한 것으로 자주 인용된다.
Dreiser의 또 다른 주목할 만한 작품은 부와 지위를 원하지만 결국 살인을 저지르는 청년 Clyde Griffiths의 실화를 바탕으로 한 "An American Tragedy"(1925)다. 이 소설은 야망, 계급, 아메리칸 드림이라는 주제를 탐구하며 드라이저의 걸작 중 하나로 널리 알려져 있다.
Dreiser의 글쓰기 스타일은 종종 사실주의와 등장인물의 심리적 동기에 초점을 맞춘 것이 특징이다. 그는 또한 종교와 자본주의를 포함한 사회 규범과 제도에 대한 비판으로도 유명했다.

Theodore Dreiser is an American novelist and journalist, known for his works that explore the darker aspects of American life and society. Born in Terre Haute, Indiana, on August 27, 1871, Dreiser grew up in a poor family, and his experiences deeply influenced his writing.
One of Dreiser's most famous novels is "Sister Carrie" (1900), which tells the story of a young woman who moves to Chicago and becomes involved in a series of relationships as she strives for success. The novel is considered a classic of American literature and is often cited for its naturalistic portrayal of urban life and human desires.
Another notable work by Dreiser is "An American Tragedy" (1925), based on the true story of Clyde Griffiths, a young man who wanted wealth and status but ended up committing murder. The novel explores themes of ambition, class, and the American dream, and is widely regarded as one of Dreiser's masterpieces.
Dreiser's writing style is often characterized by realism and a focus on the psychological motivations of characters. He was also known for his criticism of social norms and institutions, including religion and capitalism.

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