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사무엘 버틀러의 모든 육체의 길

The Way of All Flesh by Samuel Butler

2024년 07월 05일 출간

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<영어로 읽는 고전 _ 사무엘 버틀러의 모든 육체의 길>
"모든 육체의 길(The Way of All Flesh)"은 새뮤얼 버틀러(Samuel Butler)가 쓴 반자전적 소설로, 1903년 사후에 처음 출판되었다. 이 소설은 버틀러의 가장 중요한 작품 중 하나로 평가되며 가족 관계, 도덕성, 사회적 기대에 대한 탐구로 높이 평가받고 있다.
이 이야기는 엄격한 빅토리아 시대의 가정에서 태어난 청년 어니스트 폰티펙스의 삶을 따라간다. 소설은 어니스트의 성장 과정, 교육, 그리고 가족과 사회의 억압적인 영향에 맞서 싸우는 과정을 추적한다. Ernest의 경험을 통해 Butler는 빅토리아 시대의 가치, 특히 그 시대에 만연한 위선과 억압을 비판한다.
"모든 육체의 길"의 중심 주제 중 하나는 개인의 자유와 사회적 제약 사이의 갈등이다. 어니스트는 부모와 교회가 그에게 부여한 기대에 반항하며 진정으로 살고 자신의 삶의 길을 찾으려고 노력합니다. 이 소설은 사회적 규범을 따르는 것과 개인적 성취를 추구하는 것의 심리적, 정서적 대가를 탐구한다.
“모든 육체의 길”에 나오는 버틀러의 글은 풍자적인 어조, 인간 행동에 대한 예리한 관찰, 심리적 깊이가 특징이다. 이 소설은 풍자, 사실주의, 사회적 논평의 요소를 혼합하여 빅토리아 시대 사회에 대한 비판을 제공하는 동시에 정체성, 도덕성 및 시간의 흐름에 대한 더 넓은 주제를 다루고 있다.

<A classic read in English_ The Way of All Flesh by Samuel Butler. >
"The Way of All Flesh" is a semi-autobiographical novel written by Samuel Butler, first published posthumously in 1903. The novel is considered one of Butler's most important works and is praised for his exploration of family relationships, morality, and social expectations.
The story follows the life of Ernest Pontifex, a young man born into a strict Victorian family. The novel traces Ernest's upbringing, education, and struggle against oppressive influences from his family and society. Through Ernest's experiences, Butler criticizes Victorian values, especially the hypocrisy and oppression prevalent during the era.
One of the central themes of "The Way of All Flesh" is the conflict between individual freedom and social constraints. Ernest rebels against the expectations placed on him by his parents and church and tries to live authentically and find his own path in life. The novel explores the psychological and emotional costs of following social norms and pursuing personal fulfillment.
Butler's writing in “The Way of All Flesh” is characterized by a satirical tone, keen observation of human behavior, and psychological depth. The novel blends elements of satire, realism, and social commentary to provide a critique of Victorian society while also addressing broader themes of identity, morality, and the passage of time.
CHAPTER I. When I was a small boy at the beginning of the century
CHAPTER II. Old Mr. Pontifex had married in the year 1750
CHAPTER III. In the early years of the century five little children
CHAPTER IV. In a year or two more came Waterloo
CHAPTER V. Fortune, we are told, is a blind
CHAPTER VI. Mr. Pontifex was not the man to trouble himself
CHAPTER VII. A few words may suffice for the greater
CHAPTER VIII. Mr. Pontifex had set his heart on his son’s becoming
CHAPTER IX. Mr. Allaby was rector of Crampsford
CHAPTER X. The interview, like all other good things had to
CHAPTER XI. The next morning saw Theobald in his rooms
CHAPTER XII. Theobald’s engagement was all very well as far as
CHAPTER XIII. A due number of old shoes had been thrown
CHAPTER XIV. Battersby-On-The-Hill was the name of the village
CHAPTER XV. The hymn had engaged my attention
CHAPTER XVI. He does not like this branch of his profession
CHAPTER XVII. In the course of time this sorrow was removed
CHAPTER XVIII. For the first time in his life Theobald felt
CHAPTER XIX. This much, however, we may say in the meantime
CHAPTER XX. The birth of his son opened Theobald’s eyes
CHAPTER XXI. Strange! for she believed she doted upon him
CHAPTER XXII. I used to stay at Battersby for a day
CHAPTER XXIII. The man-servant William came and set the chairs
CHAPTER XXIV. The storm which I have described in the previous chapter
CHAPTER XXV. Three or four years after the birth of her daughter
CHAPTER XXVI. The foregoing letter shows how much greater
CHAPTER XXVII. I will give no more of the details of my hero’s earlier years
CHAPTER XXVIII. Ernest had heard awful accounts of Dr Skinner’s temper
CHAPTER XXIX. Soon after his father and mother had left him
CHAPTER XXX. Next morning Theobald and Christina arose feeling
CHAPTER XXXI. With the masters Ernest was ere long in absolute disgrace
CHAPTER XXXII. I must now return to Miss Alethea Pontifex
CHAPTER XXXIII. Next day Miss Pontifex returned to town
CHAPTER XXXIV. Miss Pontifex soon found out that Ernest
CHAPTER XXXV. All went well for the first part of the following half year
CHAPTER XXXVI. Letters had been written to Miss Pontifex’s brothers
CHAPTER XXXVII. If Theobald and Christina had not been too well pleased
CHAPTER XXXVIII. Ernest was thus in disgrace from the beginning of the holidays
CHAPTER XXXIX. Ernest had been out all the morning
CHAPTER XL. When Ernest got home and sneaked in
CHAPTER XLI. Long before Ernest reached the dining-room
CHAPTER XLII. About a week before he went back to school
CHAPTER XLIII. So important did Theobald consider this matter
CHAPTER XLIV. I may spare the reader more details about
CHAPTER XLV. Some people say that their school days
CHAPTER XLVI. When he was in his third year a magazine
CHAPTER XLVII. Ernest returned to Cambridge for the May term of 1858
CHAPTER XLVIII. Once, recently, when he was down at home
CHAPTER XLIX. On his return to Cambridge in the May term of 1858
CHAPTER L. Ernest felt now that the turning point of his life
CHAPTER LI. Ernest had been ordained to a curacy
CHAPTER LII. “You know, my dear Pontifex,”
CHAPTER LIII. The foregoing conversation and others like it
CHAPTER LIV. This move on Ernest’s part was variously commented upon
CHAPTER LV. I had called on Ernest as a matter of course
CHAPTER LVI. By and by a subtle, indefinable malaise
CHAPTER LVII. He had hardly parted from Pryer
CHAPTER LVIII. Next day he felt stronger again
CHAPTER LIX. Before going down into the kitchen to convert
CHAPTER LX. Ernest now went home and occupied himself till
CHAPTER LXI. Pryer had done well to warn Ernest against promiscuous house
CHAPTER LXII. This advice, besides being obviously sensible
CHAPTER LXIII. I saw my solicitor at once
CHAPTER LXIV. After Ernest had been sentenced
CHAPTER LXV. As he lay on his bed day after day slowly recovering
CHAPTER LXVI. Ernest was now so far convalescent as to
CHAPTER LXVII. As soon as Ernest found that he had no money
CHAPTER LXVIII. When I think over all that Ernest told me about his prison
CHAPTER LXIX. In coming to the conclusion that he would sever
CHAPTER LXX. I had begun to like him on the night Towneley
CHAPTER LXXI. It seems he had been patrolling the streets for the last three
CHAPTER LXXII. Ernest told Ellen of his difficulty about finding employment
CHAPTER LXXIII. Ellen and he got on capitally
CHAPTER LXXIV. About six months after he had set up his shop
CHAPTER LXXV. In the month of September 1860 a girl was born
CHAPTER LXXVI. The winter had been a trying one
CHAPTER LXXVII. I do not think Ernest himself was much more pleased
CHAPTER LXXVIII. Ernest was now well turned twenty-six years old
CHAPTER LXXIX. The question now arose what was to be done with the children
CHAPTER LXXX. We left by the night mail
CHAPTER LXXXI. So he fell away from all old friends except myself
CHAPTER LXXXII. It almost seemed as though our casual mention of Theobald
CHAPTER LXXXIII. Joey and Charlotte were in the room
CHAPTER LXXXIV. On our way to town Ernest broached his plans
CHAPTER LXXXV. Ernest being about two and thirty years old
CHAPTER LXXXVI. And now I must bring my story to a close

When I was a small boy at the beginning of the century I remember an old man who wore knee-breeches and worsted stockings, and who used to hobble about the street of our village with the help of a stick. He must have been getting on for eighty in the year 1807, earlier than which date I suppose I can hardly remember him, for I was born in 1802. A few white locks hung about his ears, his shoulders were bent and his knees feeble, but he

고전을 읽는 다는 것은 우리 보다 앞선 세대를 살아간 위인과 작가들과 교제를 하는 것이다. 우리 보다 훌륭한 삶을 살다 간 사람들을 만나고 교제하는 시간이고 공간이다. 이를 통해 당대의 삶, 사회, 역사. 사상, 철학 등을 만날 수 있고 그것을 기반으로 우리는 삶, 일, 인간, 세상, 우주에 대해 교훈을 얻고 그들보다 더 나은 인간이 될 수 있는 기회를 가지는 것이다.
이 책은 영국의 소설가이자 수필가, 비평가인 사무엘 버틀러(Samuel Butler)의 작품으로 오늘날에도 중요한 메시지를 주는 고전을 메타버스 시대에 맞추어 전자책으로 새롭게 출판을 하는 것은, 누구나 어디서, 편리하게 스마트폰이나 테블릿 등 디지털 기기로 읽을 수 있도록 하기 위해서다.
고전 작품을 원서로 구매해 읽기는 원하는 독자들이 있다. 하지만 원서를 구입하는데 시간이 많이 소요되고 비용도 꽤 든다. 독자들의 이러한 문제를 해결하고 원할 때 쉽게 빨리 구매해 언제 어디서나 읽을 수 있도록 전자책으로 출판하였다.

Reading classics means interacting with great people and writers who lived in generations before us. It is a time and space to meet and socialize with people who have lived better lives than us. Through this, contemporary life, society, and history. We can encounter ideas, philosophies, etc., and based on that, we have the opportunity to learn lessons about life, work, people, the world, and the universe and become better people than them.
This book is the work of Samuel Butler, a British novelist, essayist, and critic. A classic that still carries important messages today, it is being published as an e-book in line with the metaverse era, making it accessible to anyone, anywhere, conveniently via smartphone. This is so that it can be read on digital devices such as tablets.
There are readers who want to purchase and read classic works in their original form. However, purchasing an application takes a lot of time and costs quite a bit. To solve this problem for readers, we published it as an e-book so that readers can easily purchase it quickly and read it anytime, anywhere.


사무엘 버틀러(Samuel Butler)는 영국의 소설가, 수필가, 예술가, 비평가로서 다재다능한 인물이다. 그의 주요 작품은 소설 '에레움'과 수많은 수필들이 있다.
에레움(Erewhon)은 1872년에 발표된 이 소설로 특이한 이름을 가진 가상의 나라 '에레움'을 배경으로 하고 있다. 이 소설은 당시 사회와 인류의 진화에 대해 비판적으로 다루었으며, 기술과 사회 구조에 대한 독특한 관점을 제시했다. 특히 기술 발전이 인간 사회에 미치는 영향과 인간의 무질서한 행동에 대한 비판적인 시각을 담고 있다.
버틀러는 문학 외에도 생물학, 진화론, 예술, 종교 등 다양한 주제에 대한 수필을 썼으며, 버틀러는 진화론적 관점에서 문화 발전과 인간 사회의 변화를 이해하려고 했다. 그의 작품은 당시의 진보적인 사고를 반영하면서도 그의 독창적인 시각을 살렸다.
또한 버틀러의 작품은 후대 작가들에게도 영향을 미쳤다. 특히 20세기 초반 모더니즘 문학에 큰 영향을 주었으며, 그의 사유와 예술적 시각은 여러 예술가들에게 영향을 미쳤다.
사무엘 버틀러는 그의 시대에는 다소 무시받기도 했지만, 그의 작품은 현대에 이르러서도 문학적 가치와 사회적 비평의 중요성을 인정받고 있다.

Samuel Butler is a versatile British novelist, essayist, artist, and critic. His major works include the novel 'Ereum' and numerous essays.
Erewhon is a novel published in 1872 and is set in the fictional country Erewhon, which has an unusual name. The novel was critical of society and human evolution at the time, and presented a unique perspective on technology and social structure. In particular, it contains a critical perspective on the impact of technological development on human society and human disorderly behavior.
In addition to literature, Butler wrote essays on a variety of topics, including biology, evolution, art, and religion. Butler attempted to understand cultural development and changes in human society from an evolutionary perspective. His works reflected the progressive thinking of the time while maintaining his original perspective.
Butler's work also influenced subsequent writers. In particular, he had a great influence on modernist literature in the early 20th century, and his thoughts and artistic vision influenced many artists.
Although Samuel Butler was somewhat ignored in his time, his works are recognized for their literary value and social criticism even in modern times.

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    사무엘 버틀러의 모든 육체의 길
    The Way of All Flesh by Samuel Butler
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